Serbia Kosovo Agreement 2020

The representative of the Russian Federation, the President of the Council for October, said in his national function that Pristina was still sabotaging the constitution of the community of Serb communities in Kosovo. On 14 October, Mr Hoti again ruled out giving these municipalities executive powers. He expressed the hope that the mediation of the European Union would lead to significant progress and noted that the agreements signed by the parties in Washington, D.C, and stressed that Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) remained the international legal basis for a settlement in Kosovo. The rights of the province`s non-Albanian communities have not improved. The protection of Orthodox sites in Kosovo requires special attention. In this context, his delegation believes that Kosovo`s accession to international organizations, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is wrong. The return of terrorist veterans to Kosovo poses a threat to peace and stability in the region. “It`s a time bomb for security in the area,” he said. Nevertheless, the agreement does not bring about significant political changes. Belgrade still refuses to recognize the independence of Kosovo, which is predominantly Albanian, and says it is part of Serbia. This status quo is not disputed in Trump`s agreement. With this agreement, Serbia agrees to suspend its campaign to withdraw from Kosovo by other states, but only for one year. In return, Kosovo agrees not to apply for membership in international organizations.

This makes it difficult for Kosovo to continue its integration into the international community. Since its independence, Pristina`s international isolation has been one of the main problems facing the country. The agreement includes the establishment of direct air and rail links between Belgrade and Pristina, the construction of the “Niestina” motorway and a number of other economic and energy projects. The signatories of the agreement have pledged to suspend for one year the recognition campaign, i.e. the withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo. On 14 October 2020, the Serbian government occupied and operated the Merdare border post on the Serbian-Kosovar border. [27] The framework of the signed agreements also includes the mutual recognition of Israel and Kosovo and the transfer of the Serbian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within one year. President Donald Trump`s administration has also prepared the so-called Abraham Agreement, which has led to mutual recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and two Arab nations – the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) and Bahrain. They stressed the need to encourage efforts to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue to promote the culture of peace between three religions of Abraham and humanity as a whole. The signatories stressed that they believed that cooperation and dialogue could be addressed in the best possible way and that the development of friendly relations between States promoted the interests of lasting peace in the Middle East and around the world.

By signing the Washington agreement, Kosovo has committed to join the “Mini Schengen” project, which is an important moment for its continued implementation. After the fall of the 31-year-old Milo`ukanovic (DPS) regime, Montenegro is also expected to join the Mini Schengen initiative. The opposition of “Mini Schengen” is a testimony to the fact that weak or criminal/corrupt territories or states for various or criminal or corrupt reasons do not promote economic prosperity, because economic ties mark the beginning of the rule of law.